ECOMsquare Overshare Podcast

The Past, Present and Future of Marketing with RightMetric CEO Charlie Grinnell

In this episode of The ECOMsquare Overshare, we spoke to RightMetric founder and CEO Charlie Grinnell about:

The Past: How Charlie got into digital marketing.

The Present: How RightMetric helps marketers avoid the trap of assumptions and exhaust ALL the available data to make sound strategic decisions.

The Future: AI vs. Web3 for the future of the internet.

Podcast Guests:
Haruki Nakagawa - ECOMsquare Community Member
Vanessa Cadena - ECOMsquare Community Member
Charlie Grinnell - CEO of RightMetric

Meet Charlie at Commerce Live Workshops: Marketing
March 16th, 2023 at ECOMsquare
Discover modern coworking for ecommerce brands in Vancouver at ECOMsquare. 1758 West 8th Avenue.